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Welcome to Plaques&Letters.com.........A Place for Plaques and Letters......Cast Bronze and Aluminum Plaques.......Etched Plaques......Metal & Plastic Architectural Letters.........Patriotic and Military Plaques......and yes more...............


  Thanks for Satin Finish Cast Aluminum: Click For Enlargementvisiting Plaques&Letters.com for Etched Zinc Raised Text Plaque with Black Suede Background: Click for Enlargementyour architectural signage needs. It's the most comprehensive plaques & letters website online. Navigation Structure is left. Most images click to enlarge. When main pages offer links to product specifications & pricing pages, Click "Up" or Browser Back to return where you were after visiting.

Most pages offer links within to informative product specifications & pricing pages. Plaques Overview depicts differences between manufacturing method aspects. If you're seeking plaques, visit there first, then explore further the type best suiting your pursuits.

P&L also offers architectural letters in both plastic and metal, in a myriad of materials, colors, sizes and finishes. A separate page is devoted to each arena, with pages linked within, offering more in-depth information. Other products are accessed via the main Navigation structure.


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Cast-to-Shape Multi-Color Cast Aluminum

Few if any can match P&L quality & pricing on multi-color cast aluminum plaques.

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   A Cheryl Walker emailed with: “I noticed on your web site that you have other competitors websites that we should check out so we did that..." The results were telling. Most of our competitors distribute for the same PA foundry, yet post superlatives as if they lead the industry in some fashion. This is all perplexing to end users and sign companies alike.

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There are three types of websites in this sales arena: 1) No Order Forms and generally no posted Pricing, 2) Shopping Carts with no Discounts yet claim "We will not be undersold!", and 3) P&L's: Posted prices and Estimate Forms with Discounts for most orders. This seems your best option.

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