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Donor Recognition Plaques

There are many ways show appreciation to those who've contributed to your organization or community. We can provide add-on nameplates, as well as plaques with raised scored panels for each name which simulate individual nameplates. Another approach: A series of individual etched plaques--visit Etched Plaques Page for details on etched plaques--assembled into a comprehensive theme. Donor Recognition Trees: Visit our Donor Recognition Trees Page. Click Images Below for Enlargements, opening in new windows.

Click Image for Enlargement Click Image for Enlargement

Donor Recognition plaques don't need to be elaborate. There's no price difference between them and other cast plaques when attachable nameplates aren't involved. Plaque size & imagery are primary cost considerations. Cast Bronze Plaques Prices can be found HERE:

Click for Enlargement Click to Reveal Full 24" x 36" Cast Bronze Plaque Image

Cast Flat Relief Bronze Plaque with Bas relief Emblem Attachments.

Click to reveal full image.

Benefactors for a special purchase fund can be recognized on a bronze plaque.


When the list of honored donors is lengthy, combine a base plaque with etched plates for names too small to cast.

These are mounted on a customer's board with flat cut letters attached.

Click to Reveal Full Plaque Image

Click to Reveal Full Plaque Image

Click Image for Full Plaque Reveal

Do you have a TON of donors to thank...but have no need for a "gi-normous" plaque? Think Etched, including Zinc. Zinc etches deeper than other metals and costs less. It can also be finished to appear as bronze or brass.

Just as with any cast plaque, you (and your budget) are in complete control of the imagery portrayed on your Donor Recognition plaque. The symbol on the left was cast from a 2-level polymer pattern. The portrait on the right is a bas relief attachment.

Click Image to Reveal Full 30" x 30" Cast Bronze Plaque

Click Image to Enlarge 36” x 40" Cast Bronze Nameplate Plaque

   Occasionally customers try to "pack 10 pounds of sugar in a 5 pound bag”. Cast plaques require letters be at least 1/4" tall for all caps, 3/8" tall for caps & lower case. The Cast Bronze Plaque image above needed to be 30" x 30" to fit all names.

   The cast bronze plaque at left featuring leatherette background, plain edge, nameplates and emblem attachment is 36” x 40".

  The plaque at right featuring rosettes, integrally cast logo, nameplates & beveled border was 28" x 40" minimum size for submitted text. Consider if you have a similar amount.

 Click Image to Enlarge 28” x 40" Cast Bronze Nameplate Plaque

Click Image to Enlarge

Raised Scored Panel: Names are cast on grooved background plate, simulating individual nameplates. This saves  when you already know some donor names. These resemble nameplates you add later. Add $25 per name to the base plaque price. Maximum length of raised scored panel is 10", height 1/2". One line of copy per name. Add $2.50 for holes drilled & tapped per name for future name plaque areas. One line of copy is allowed in price.

Click Image for Enlargement of 24" x 36" Cast Bronze Nameplate Plaque Removable, Separate Nameplates: Names are cast on separate plates, usually 1/2" tall, in 3 Columns. Nameplates themselves are extra and priced below. We know this industry well. It's extremely unlikely you'll find this plaque type priced lower elsewhere.

Pricing Grid Below seems high to some. If you know your donors names in advance, there's no reason to consider the expensive Raised Scored Panel or Separate Nameplates Options. Just go with a Custom Cast Plaque. Price charts are linked there. Sizing for cast plaques is determined by minimum text size.

 NOTE: Prices are Manufacturer Suggested Retail Pricing. We provide Discounts. Please inquire.

Raised Scored Panels and Removable Nameplates Cast Bronze Plaques Pricing:

Base Plaque Size Base Plaque Price Header Lines Nameplate Size Total Names Nameplate Price Letters & Spaces on Nameplates
24 x 18 $1,227 3 7 x 1/2 57 $117.55 24
24 x 20 1,363 3 7 x 1/2 66 117.55 24
28 x 18 1,431 3 7 x 1/2 60 117.55 24
30 x 20 1,704 4 8 x 1/2 66 117.55 28
30 x 24 2,045 4 8 x 1/2 78 117.55 28
30 x 30 2,556 4 8 x 1/2 108 117.55 28
30 x 36 3,067 4 8 x 1/2 135 117.55 28
36 x 36 3,681 6 9 x 1/2 129 117.55 32
36 x 48 5,236 6 9 x 1/2 174 117.55 32

TO ORDER: Determine the size plaque(s) you need, material, colors & finishes you desire, and your schedule. Then fax or email that information for an estimate. OR call us to discuss.

Phone: 318/265-3855  

SIGN COMPANIES seeking wholesale pricing: Please Contact a Manufacturer. We and our online competitors are all Distributors, regardless of what most purport. For all others: Please click the following email link, as well as the ones on any of our other main Navigation pages, to mail to: admin@plaquesandletters.com

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