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Plaques are cast according to your specifications. There are no pre-cast ready-to-ship plaques. However, we work with foundries who've been casting for decades. If it's castable, they likely have made at least one copy, and have your design on file. General cast plaque information: Click HERE. Click Images for Enlargements, opening in new windows.


                      Flat Relief Cast Metal Branch of Service Seals

    Legalese: "Neither the United States Marine Corps nor any other component of the Department of Defense has approved, endorsed, or authorized this product."

   Flat Relief services seals designs above are fairly simple, used for cast plaques in 5"-12" range. Backgrounds are Dark Oxide, a standard.

    Seals below are somewhat more detailed, used for larger plaques 14" & up. Backgrounds are painted Natural Sandblast to match the raised surface.


   Below is Manufacturer Suggested Retail Pricing for single-color Flat Relief Seals. Minimum Order: $100. For orders under $400, please consider these as your price. For large plaques and multiple plaque orders:  Email for your Discounted Quote.

     Flat Relief Seals Pricing
Size Bronze Aluminum
5" Diameter $129.00 $89.00
6" Diameter 149.00 99.00
8" Diameter 199.00 139.00
10" Diameter 269.00 199.00
12" Diameter 359.00 249.00
14" Diameter 409.00 289.00
16" Diameter 539.00 369.00
18" Diameter 679.00 529.00
20" Diameter 999.00 729.00
24" Diameter 1,199.00 999.00
28" Diameter 1,669.00 1,249.00
30" Diameter 1,869.00 1,469.00
36" Diameter 2,899.00 2,429.00
40" Diameter 3,599.00 2,999.00
42" Diameter 4,299.00 3,699.00
48" Diameter 5,799.00 5,199.00

Larger Sizes: Inquire. We've had done an eight footer.


ABOVE: Six Branches of Service as Full Color Cast Aluminum.

Using all of these 4-9 colors makes them MORE than single color Cast Bronze.

Depicted is one of countless installations we've provided branch of service seals for. The cast letters are gold anodized aluminum.

Single-color plaques: Priced as shown. Multi-Color Cast Aluminum Plaque Pricing: For 2-color plaques—Add 20% to single-color plaque price. For 3-color plaques—instead Add 30% to single-color plaque price. For 4 or more colors—instead Add $120 for each additional color to single-color plaque price. Custom matched colors: Add $100/per.

Some have offered P&L posts too much information. We'll price just five sizes of set-of-five Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines & Coast Guard full-color cast aluminum orders in the box below. ANY size is possible. Shipping is included.


For a 10" set: Multiply $199 x 5 for the single color plaques themselves = $995. There are 24 extra colors.

$120 x 24 = $2,880. For that 10" set: $995 + $2,880 = $3,875.

That $2,880 paint charge is a constant, regardless of the plaque size,

from 5" up to 60", for any Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines & Coast Guard set.

For a 12" set: Single-color 12" seals are $249, a price increase of $50/per from 10". Therefore multiply $50 x 5 = $250, add that to the 10" set price of $3,875 and the price for a 12" set is $4,125.

For a 16" set: Single-color 16" seals are $369, a price increase of $170/per from 10". Multiply $170 x 5 = $850, add that to the 10" set price of $3,875 and the price for a 16" set is $4,725.

For an 18" set: Single-color 18" seals are $469, an increase of $270/per from 10". Multiply $270 x 5 = $1,350, add to the 10" price of $3,875 and the price for an 18" set is $5,225.

For a 24" set: Single-color 24" seals are $819, an increase of $620/per from 10". Multiply $620 x 5 = $3,100, add that to the 10" price of $3,875 and the price for an 24" set is $6,975 MSRP. At that point−24"−competition kicks in, and we'd discount that to $6,350. Contact for set quotes in even larger sizes, or if you care to include the Merchant Marines (which is increasingly done). Search, and likely won't be found a better offer.

The above two service branches often prefer us to use their "Symbols" as shown rather than their "Seals".

The 10" single-color flat relief cast bronze Coast Guard seal above was part of a set of six mounted to an obélisque in MS.

Normal Turnaround: 3 weeks to ship single-color plaques after production art approvals (if involved). Expeditions: 10 Working Days: Add 25% Rush. 5 Working Days: Add 50% Rush. Full color plaques take 5 with no rush available.

Contact for fully-painted pricing of your seal and if it's not depicted. CCR Cage Code: 32UC9.

An oft-asked question: "What is the difference between "Flat Relief" vs Bas Relief?" Bas is sculptural. Flat isn't; it's either upper level A or lower level B; no dimensions in between. Think of bas reliefs = "rolling hills", flat reliefs = "plateaus". Click Here for an audio/visual explanation. Click Here for another graphic representation.

Please see images at right. The one on the left is Flat Relief; the one on the right Bas relief. Click on them to enlarge in new windows. Have windows open side-by-side to compare even better. Click HERE for a composite.


Flat Relief Army Bas Relief Army


Bas Relief Cast Metal Branch of Service Seals


Bas Relief plaques availability for the first five branches-Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines & Coast Guard: 12", 16", 18" (seen above), 24" (Army now official as 24"; not shown on .pdf) and 36".

Merchant Marines (without adding modeling art charges for another size) available in 12".

Note: "Freedom's Not Free" in 18" diameter only. Text ring & date are customizable. Artwork for bas relief seals varies slightly per size.

Bas Relief Service Seals Pricing:
NOTE: You will NOT find a better price and quality casting for the sizes below. Full sets are discounted.
Diameter Bronze Aluminum
12" $459 $389
16" $699 $569
18" $849 $779
24" $1,499 $1,329
You'll not find the size--much less price--for the 36" bas relief emblems elsewhere:
36" $2,999 $2,599

 Division Examples:

We've been asked: "I didn't see XYX Division [or county or city seal] posted on your website. Does that mean it can't be cast?" No. It just means not every entity of every ilk can be posted on a website. Most anything can be cast however.

Special shapes incur additional charges. Some EXAMPLES Below:

Click HERE 1, HERE 2, HERE 3 for their installation views.

Our customer offered concerning the pics he sent: "Glad you could use them.  I also received your phone message and appreciate the kind words.  I have enjoyed working with as well and truly appreciate the passion you have to ensure the customer receives the best product possible and at a decent price. Your are definitely at the top my list for any future projects...Greg"


Click HERE 1, HERE 2, HERE 3, & HERE 4 for images of other installations of Branch of Service Memorial projects we've provided seals for.

For Port Of Portland's, HERE 1, HERE 2, HERE 3, HERE 4 & HERE 5.

For VARO Jackson MS's: HERE 1 & HERE 2.

For Miller/Coors' Memorial for fallen employees,

Click HERE 1 & HERE 2. These were 36" Branch of Service Bas Reliefs, patterns you won't find elsewhere.


For views of Echols County's patriotic tribute installation,

Click HERE 1 & HERE 2

For those creating War/Branch of Service/Veterans' Memorials, below are 5 among many standard designs available.

Flat Relief:

Any size.

Flat Relief:

Any size.

Purple Heart: 4-color 16" X 12.5" Bas relief: $999. Flat Relief:

Any size.

Flat Relief:

Any size.

Click HERE and HERE for Purple Heart Installation Views. Click HERE for a cross-section & diagram.

TO ORDER: Determine which plaque(s) and the size you need, material, colors, finishes, textures, and your time schedule. Email that information and the particular image or its enlargement link to us for a Quote.

Phone: 318/265-3855


SIGN COMPANIES seeking wholesale pricing: Please Contact a Manufacturer. We and our online competitors are all Distributors, regardless of what most purport. For all others: Please click the email link below, as well as the ones on any of our other main Navigation pages, to mail to: admin@plaquesandletters.com


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